I am an Isleworth-based visual artist whose work includes painting, drawing and multi-media. Having studied Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts and Chelsea College of Arts, my work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition and a special commission for the London Design Festival 2015.

My work is influenced by my local natural environment - the natural habitats and industrial surroundings of a small section of the River Thames. Whether working from memory or fantasy, my paintings are a response to this locale through colour and form, creating images which lie between landscape and abstraction.

My daily walks along the Thames allow me to experience the differently paces changes of the environment - the daily ebb and flow of the tides and play of light upon the surface of the water; seasonal changes of colour and light; the slowly rusting, fading boats laying across the river in the boatyard, as their hulls are exposed at low tide. A constantly changing colour palette is revealed and created by the constant movement of the tides.

I try to let my paintings evoke an imagined dream-like space rather than a pure physical representation, hinting at what lies beyond or beneath the surface, so that the viewers' eyes are encouraged to roam across the painting, moving through its different layers and levels rather than fixing on a single focal point or meaning. 

Many of my paintings are acrylic paint on canvas. This medium offers fluidity and the ability to  more readily to break away from structure and form, whilst allowing me to build up layer upon layer of delicate washes of paint combined with areas of impasto to achieve greater depth and variety of the surface.

Horizontal, vertical and diagonal sections move up and down the canvas, suggesting the boundaries of rivers, banksides, horizons and sky culminating in the use of time, memory, nature and the self.